Ageless Grace® Brain Health Fitness

21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease™ 

Anyone, at any age, including those with physical disabilities and challenges, can participate at his or her own level of ability. The exercises are designed to be practiced seated, in order to stimulate the five primary functions of the brain (strategic planning, memory and recall, analytical thinking, creativity and imagination and kinesthetic learning) by doing unfamiliar movements, or creating new ways to do an activity that is already familiar.

Timeless Fitness for the Body and Brain ™

The Ageless Grace Program is ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to stay cognitively fit and vibrant through stimulation of neuroplasticity
  • All health and fitness professionals desiring brain health skills on their resume
  • Special populations, including those with physical or mental limitations
  • Caregivers working with special populations
That Almost Anyone – of Any Age – Can Do!™

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