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Ageless Grace® Brain Health Program
The program uses physical “games” called “tools” that also work the core, and activate the organs and systems of the body.

Words to Live By
Between stimulus and response there is space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
Viktor E. Frankl

Quotes from Clients

"As a  [Field Grade Officer] FGO in the military, I developed a habit of being self-reliant, establishing a “suck-it-up” mentality and never wanting to express weaknesses when leading individuals.  I never would have considered a Career Coach due to my limited availability throughout the day and my mentality of it being a waste of time.  My initial thoughts were, “What does a Career Coach know about the job?”; until one of my mentors recommended I should consider taking a course with Kari.  I believe taking this course with Kari was an essential part of my career development and growth.  It assisted me with letting go of past events and to start thinking forward.  It helped improve my energy and focus throughout the day.  Additionally, she assisted me to discover what I truly value most in life and held me accountable to the goals I established.  This course was critical for me to find balance in my life, and I see the benefits on a daily basis."
BD, Tucson AZ

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